CupraTek Anti-Microbial Products

Antimicrobial copper-alloy products by CupraTek (a division of DaVinci Spas) can prevent frequently touched surfaces from serving as sources for the spread of pathogenic microbes. This is especially true in healthcare facilities, where harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi colonize and persist on doorknobs, push plates, railings, tray tables, IV poles, and other equipment. These microbes can often survive on surfaces for longer than a month. The surfaces of copper and its alloys are antimicrobial. They have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly, as quickly as several minutes, and efficiently. These antimicrobial properties have been demonstrated by an extensive body of research. The research also suggests that if touch surfaces are made with copper alloys, the reduced transmission of disease-causing organisms can reduce patient infections in hospital intensive care units by as much as 58%.

Anti-microbial copper ICU room antimicrobial Copper handle
AntiMicrobial Copper

Video excerpt from PBS NOVA program regarding the antimicrobial effects of copper.