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Pure Water = Pure Comfort

Pure Comfort

'No more chlorine or harmful chemicals.'

When most people describe their experience of soaking in a hot tub, they often include reference to how strong the chemical odor was while soaking and how even after showering afterwards, they could still smell the chemical on their skin.

The engineering division at DaVinci Spas fought long and hard to offer a solution to this age-old problem. This new technology, after thorough testing, was released in 2016 to the spa and pool industry and takes pool and spa sanitation to the next level with its patented technology that is more effective than other advanced oxidation systems. Today, we are happy to announce that we are now the only custom spa manufacturer utilizing this technology on all the spas we design and fabricate. Our customers enjoy true freedom from those harsh chemicals.

How do we achieve water disinfection without the use of chemicals?

DaVinci Spas equips the spa plumbing system with a patented electronic device along with a proprietary plumbing design that causes the water passing through the particle filter to then be subjected to an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) which creates powerful hydroxyl radicals which have more than twice the pathogen-killing power of chlorine. In addition, a low level of hydrogen peroxide is created which is 50% more powerful than chlorine. Ozone is also introduced into the water which is almost twice as destructive as chlorine. These AOP components together attack and destroy water-borne pathogens. These organic components include bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that spread disease and make the water cloudy.

The following graphic explains how bacteria (1) are destroyed by the Pure Comfort system. The AOP technology creates powerful oxidizing agents (2) which attach themselves to the outer wall of the bacteria. This causes a chemical reaction (3) that creates a hole in the cell wall of the bacteria (4). This process repeats forming more holes (5). Eventually the bacteria die and are further broken down. (6)
Killing Microbes

note: If the spa is overloaded with bathers, it is possible that this could create a bacteria load beyond the designed capability of the chemical free disinfection system. In such cases, the spa can be supplemented with liquid hydrogen peroxide, which when used correctly, will compensate for the extra load. The benefit of using hydrogen peroxide as an additive is that it is colorless and odorless and therefore does not compromise the bathing experience.

No chlorine odor | No more dry, itchy skin or red eyes | No chemicals to irritate your lungs | Enjoy pure, comfortable water while soaking | Destroys Cypto, Giardia, E. coli and other chlorine-resistant microorganisms | Many non-organic contaminanats are also oxidized creating clearer water

DaVinci Spas brings this exclusive technology to you to keep your pool and spa safe, clean and healthy.