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The purpose of this page is to briefly describe the benefits of the Clear Comfort water disinfection system. For a more thorough explanation, please visit the manufacturer's website at:

Clear Comfort Chemical Free Disinfection

No chemicals

'No more chlorine or harmful chemicals.'

That is the way many users of the Clear Comfort system describe this patented technology.

Clear Comfort takes pool and spa sanitation to the next level with its patented LifeGuard Technology that is five times more effective than other advanced oxidation systems. Inspired by the same natural process that makes our air clean and breathable, this unique Advanced Oxidation Process creates powerful hydroxyl radicals that destroy the toughest contaminants on contact. The system then produces a safe level of hydrogen peroxide that is passed into the pool or spa for continuous residual sanitation. Often used in water treatment, hydrogen peroxide meets standards of safety & efficacy to offer residual sanitation. In addition, hydrogen peroxide sanitation does not produce any harmful disinfection byproducts.

Eliminate harmful DBPs (disinfection byproducts) | Eliminate chlorine odor | No more red eyes or dry skin | Eliminate lung irritation | Fresher feeling water and better air quality | Reduce chemical exposure in your home

Clear Comfort brings this technology to you to keep your pool and spa safe, clean and healthy.