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Perhaps one of the most striking facets of Leonardos works was his ability to visualize future technology, allowing him to design, for example, flying machines centuries before they would be manufactured. Being able to design outside conventional limits is an uncommon ability in any century of human history. We have assembled our own staff of "renaissance" men and women and have asked them to design and engineer spa and other metal creations that will become objects of marvel. Our lead designer has been been involved in the design and fabrication of fabricated metal parts for over 30 years. In addition, he has designed and implemented automated manufacturing lines utilizing robots, electronic monitoring equipment and programmable logic controllers. Of course, you may not have need for us to design a robotic system to lift you in and out of your spa, but the fact is that we could!


Using one of the most sophisticated computer-aided-design systems available in the 21st century, allows us create designs that most others can barely imagine. Our design philosophy is an echo of the first-century Roman designer Marcus Vitruvius viewpoint that design must reflect three qualities; 'Solid, Useful, Beautiful'. His design formulas were visually interpreted centuries later by the master himself, Leonardo da Vinci, in his famous drawing known as 'Vitruvian Man'.

Solid Works Anthropomorphic model

Unlike the master inventor Leonardo, not only do we have the design inspiration, but we also have the technology to produce what we imagine. The design software we utilize produces files that are fed directly into computer-controlled fabrication equipment which duplicates the design features to an accuracy of the diameter of a human hair. Our 70,000 sq-ft, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the capacity to handle any fabrication challenge.

Amada Laser Cutting Pre-polishing Metal Bending Precision Tig Welding Welding Final Polishing Ready to fill with equipment pallet Running waterfall Infinity edge

DaVinci Spas is committed to prodcuing quality products. With that goal in mind, we follow strict Quality control (QC) procedures intended to ensure that our products adhere to a defined set of quality criteria and meet the requirements of the client.

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Our vision has been influenced by many factors. These include the basic concepts of nature especially the design of the human being. In Leonardo da Vinci's time, in the spirit of the renaissance, the works of the first century BC Roman architect, Marcus Vitruvius, were rediscovered and served as the inspiration for one of his early drawings commonly known as Vitruvian Man. Vitruvius is famous for asserting in his book De architectura that a structure must exhibit the three qualities of "firmitas, utilitas, venustas" that is, it must be "solid, useful, beautiful". These are sometimes termed the Vitruvian virtues or the Vitruvian Triad. According to Vitruvius, architecture is an imitation of nature. Just as Marcus believed that architectural design must take into account the varied proportions of the human body, our design engineers apply similar logic in the creation of spas and tubs that fit. In addition, like Leonardo, while incorporating the latest technology in our works we also encourage our design staff to utilize creative imagination to push past the boundaries of existing spa design into the realm of inventive solutions. That is why we expect you to be intrigued even amazed with our designs. For the twenty-first century, DaVinci Spas & Metals has assembled our own staff of "renaissance" men and women and have asked them to design and engineer spa creations that will become objects of marvel well into the next century.


The President of DaVinci Spas LLC, Dale C. Murley, has been involved in precision metal manufacturing for decades. One could say that he is a bit of a 'Renaissance man' as well, due to his wide range of interests and expertise. In the past, he has owned a high-end portrait photography studio in New York and continues to occasionally create heirloom portraiture of his children and grandchildren. He has also worked as a computer programmer, developing advanced applications for the computer industry. Dale also has experience designing robotic manufacturing systems for a number of fortune 500 companies including UPS. Several years ago he noticed a great void in the custom spa industry and decided to try to fill it. The result is DaVinci Spas.

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