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Hot Tubs > This is perhaps the class of spa that we sell the most of. A hot tub, with hydrotherapy jets, built to fit you, well it doesn't get much better than this.

Design ID: H16-1, Copper hot tub with waterfall

This copper spa is a work of art. With seating for 9 and a 3-foot waterfall that soothes the soul.

Design ID: Zero-1, Stainless Steel Zero Entry Spa

The only one available on this planet!

Design ID: CAS-1, Stainless Steel Aquarium Spa

An engineering marvel! Fourteen-feet long with matching external staircase.

Design ID: SC-001, Stainless steel rectangular hot tub

This is perhaps our most-popular design style. You may choose to place benches on all 4 sides, or just certain ones. In the end, the choice of size, seating, jet locations, etc, is up to you. Elegant, curved steps may be added for ease of entrance.

Design ID: SC-001-AC, Stainless steel hot tub with auto-cover

Take our most-popular design style, add an automatic cover option, and you have one of the most advanced custom spa designs available today.

Design ID: H14-4, Stainless Steel Football hot tub

Where the ultimate fan goes to recover from a tough game.

Swim Spas> One of today's most popular physical fitness machines is the swim spa. DaVinci Spas is the leader in state-of-the-art, custom swim spa design and fabrication.

Design ID: SS-2018-1, Stainless-steel Swim Spa

Our stainless steel swim spa with integrated Fastlane current generator is the most advanced swim spa design available today. This model is 18 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. It ships complete with heaters, filtrations, lights, and AOP water sanitizing. All you need to do is add water. This design is fully customizable. You may specify the length, width, depth, etc. Contact us for more information.

Please watch this video of our amazing swim spa.

Design ID: Vitruvian Spa, universal hot tub design

This is a new beautiful, stainless steel design, priced to be more affordable.

Cold Plunge Spas> Cold plunge spas are typically used for rehabilitation after a workout. The chilled water reduces inflamation and accelerates the healing of muscles, tendons, and injuries. A plunge in cold water also reduces muscle pain and soreness after intense physical training.

Design ID: CP-2016-1, Stainless steel individual cold plunge

This is a very compact design, but can be enlarged to accomodate more than one bather at a time. This design is partially sunken below floor level but can be made to sit on top of the floor, or fully sunken for below-floor installation.

Design ID: Walk-1, Stainless Steel Walk-in Tub with Front Access

This is one of the easiest walk-in tub designs to enter. It is also quite deep with hydrotherapy jets and a heater.

Bath Tubs > Custom designed and made from either stainless steel or copper, a bath or soaking tub made to fit you will provide the comfort and serenity needed to soothe the mind and body. We can also add hydrotherapy jets, heater, and underwater lighting creating a kind of hybrid jacuzzi/bathtub.

Design ID: L13-S-09, Stainless steel Japanese soaking tub

The Japanese have a long history of ritual bathing in the ofuro. This elliptical-shaped, stainless steel ofuro will help you keep the tradition going.

Pools > Whether for a rooftop, or the back yard, DaVinci Spas can design and fabricate the pool of your dreams from either stainless steel or copper. These materials are much more durable than the materials commonly used for custom pool designs.

Design ID: Pool-2014, Stainless steel swimming pool

A stainless steel swimming pool with digital underwater lighting can make quite a splash with your guests.

Design ID: SC-001-S, Stainless steel jacuzzi with full-height skirt

This hot tub design is ready to place on an exposed deck.

Design ID: 2015-Tub-1, Copper slipper tub

This luxury copper slipper tub could be the elegant addition that your master bathroom has been longing for.

Design ID: L14-T-1, Stainless steel Art-deco bathtub

The stainless steel inside surface is caressed by a series of stainless steel outer tubes.

Design ID: L16-ET-1, Stainless steel elliptical hot tub.

The gentile curves of this custom jacuzzi enhance its ability to soothe.

Design ID: L14-ET-1, Stainless steel elliptical bathtub.

This custom bathing vessel has the curves that fit your curves.

Design ID: M13-W-1, Stainless steel water feature

It has been shown that the soothing sounds and image of flowing water greatly reduces stress.

Design ID: Pool2015-1, Stainless steel pool & jacuzzi combination

Cannot decide if you want a custom pool or hot tub? Why not have the best of both worlds!

Design ID: L14-K-01, custom stainless steel sink

Imagine this breathtakingly beautiful sink adorning your bath room.

Design ID: 2014-Walk-1, Stainless steel walk-in tub with side access

This compact walk-in tub can be built to your exact requirements.

Shower Pans > DaVinci Spas can design and fabricate a custom shower pan from stainless steel or copper. This is just what you need to add a touch of class to your custom bathroom.

Design ID: 2014-Pan-1, Stainless steel shower pan

Your custom shower needs a custom pan. Send us your dimensions and we can make one that fits perfectly.

Design ID: 2015-Fountain-1, Stainless steel Water Fountain

We can design and build that fountain that right now is only a beautiful idea in your mind.