The journey begins with our online design consultation and finalizes installed in your space.

Tell us the details about your vision

The DaVinci Spas design vision & strategy has been influenced and perfected by many factors. These include the basic concepts of nature, in particular, the unique design of each human being. 



Copper  The principle reason to choose would be apparent: color. Many customers however love the aesthetic qualities unique to copper. Copper spas have a higher cost than the equivalent stainless steel design.

Stainless Steel  This is the preferred for most customers. It is very strong (14 gauge standard thickness) and the finish does not oxidize. For outdoor spas, we use a special alloy of stainless steel, type 316L, which is especially resistant to corrosion. 



Select from traditional round, triangular, or rectangular. Additionally, we have worked with clients and developed highly irregular custom shapes.



Our proprietary “soft swirl” is the standard finish. We have an infinite variety of external finish options to enhance the beautiful design.



DaVinci Spas has developed a design process that ensures, to a great extent, that your spa will be fit to you and your usage requirements. 



Of special consideration, when a stainless steel spa is located in direct sun, heat is absorbed, and can be hot to the touch. Especially vulnerable to this effect is the exposed top ledge of the spa.



Practical limits apply regarding the overall width of the spa. Most states have a maximum width limit for highway transport. Some allow for 102 inch wide loads, while others only allow 96. Lengths, however, can be up to 40 feet.

It is important to discuss these details with the contractor installing and moving your spa into its desired location.


Visible Features

To highly personalize your spa, DaVinci Spas customers have complete control over all the spas interior features. These include: seating, hydrotherapy jet quantity and locations, entry steps, edge design and finally installation type.

Enjoy life. Immersed.