Warranty Information

Warranty Performance

Warranty coverage is extended to the original owner/end-user from the date of delivery. Spas not purchased from an authorized DaVinci Spas dealer are specifically excluded from warranty coverage of any kind.

DaVinci Spas, will at its sole discretion, replace or repair any spa found to be defective under the terms and conditions of this warranty. DaVinci Spas, reserves the right to substitute a spa of equivalent value, either new or reconditioned, and any such repair or replacement shall assume as its warranty only the remaining portion of the warranty of the original product. Non-defective replacement parts required to perform or complete warranty repairs will not be covered under the terms of this warranty.

To obtain warranty service, email DaVinci Spas at info@davincispas.com within ten (10) days of the time the problem became apparent. If reasonable steps are not taken to prevent further damage to the spa, repairs to the said product will not be covered under the terms of this warranty.

Claim Procedure:
• Forward photos and a statement describing the spa problem to DaVinci Spas.
• Once we have received all the information listed above, your claim will be processed and evaluated.
• DaVinci Spas must preauthorize the return of all defective parts and/or labor charges for repairs.
• Freight charges may be incurred by the customer if the entire spa has to be returned to DaVinci Spas.
• All costs for removal of a defective spa and/or installation of a replacement spa shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.
• The customer will bear all freight charges for spas returned to the factory for repairs that prove to be non-warranty problems.

DaVinci Spas, extends this warranty solely to the original owner/end-user of any DaVinci Spas product. The liability of DaVinci Spas, under this warranty, if any shall not exceed the original amount paid of the defective product.

Warranty Coverage

STAINLESS STEEL and COPPER SPAS: DaVinci Spas warrants, to the original purchaser only, that the spa structure is free from defects in material and/or workmanship for 25 years from the date of the original delivery. While the spa structure is made very robust, the spa shell is more fragile. Stainless steel shells can withstand quite a bit of stress and therefore carry a 25-year warranty from defects in material, but spa shells made from copper must be treated with utmost care as they are fragile and therefore, carry a 10-year warranty from defects in material.

This warranty does not cover damage caused to the shell or structure due to improper handling during installation nor improper site preparation. The warranty also does not cover damage resulting from high usage environments (such as in commercial applications where patrons tend to be less careful using the spa) nor damage incurred as a result of abnormal use of the spa. (Explanation: The spa is designed to be used as a tranquil soaking vessel with bathers carefully entering and exiting the spa.)

Never walk around inside the empty spa with shoes on. This is especially true in the case of copper spas whose shell material is soft and can be easily damaged in this way. Damage resulting from walking around in an empty spa will void the warranty. The customer is responsible to drain the spa, and thoroughly clean the inside surfaces of the spa shell with approved metal cleaners, to remove buildup of compounds that could damage the shell material.

Basic product maintenance guidelines are included with each spa. Failure on the part of the owner/end user, his representatives, hired contractors and installers to comply with these instructions will void this warranty. If the proper chemical balance is not maintained at suggested levels resulting in damage to the spa structure and/or spa shell surface this warranty is void. The pH chemical balance of 7.4 to 7.6 and a water hardness (calcium level) between 50 and 100 ppm must be maintained to ensure the longevity of the stainless steel or copper shell or shell warranty is void.

Spa Components

All spa components are warranted by the component manufacturers. Spa owners are strongly encouraged to fill out all warranty information and mail to appropriate spa component manufacturers to ensure proper warranty coverage. Spa owner is solely responsible for the cost of installing any replacement components.

Limitation of Liability and Damages

In the event the relevant Product is not useable for its intended purposes by reason of any defect covered by the warranty set forth herein, DaVinci Spas shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by Customer related to replacement of any Product or any other consequential damages, such as loss of profits, income or business opportunity, which damage claims are hereby expressly waived by Customer.

Products purchased from DaVinci Spas.
IMPORTANT: Each DaVinci Spas product ships with detailed installation procedures. Failure to explicitly follow these included instructions will void the product warranty.

Limitations and Exclusions. This limited warranty is subject to the following limitations and exclusions and any defects caused by or resulting from the following are excluded from this limited warranty:

(a) Chemical balance/water maintenance is the sole responsibility of Customer or any agent retained to maintain the vessel and its water chemistry. Proper water chemistry is not DaVinci Spas responsibility.
(b) If the proper chemical balance is not maintained at suggested levels resulting in damage to the Product structure and/or shell surface, this warranty is void.
(c) Use of high iron and/or mineral content water or non-potable water voids this limited warranty.
(d) Corrosion or staining of any Product due to onsite conditions, improper use or failure to maintain proper water chemistry.
(e) DaVinci Spas specifically excludes covers from this limited warranty. Any damage to the vessel due to Customer negligence, improper installation, and/or damage due to excessive load on cover
(i.e. water, snow, walking on the cover) is specifically excluded.
(f) Defects resulting from forces of nature and acts of God.
Customer may be reimbursed in accordance with applicable law.
(h) Defects resulting in bodily injury or damage to personal property or real property that was not part of the Product or Product components.
(i) Materials or work supplied by Customer or any third party
(j) Negligence or willful misconduct by Customer or any third party
(k) Normal wear and tear or deterioration.
(m) Damage occurring during spa installation, plumbing, electrical hook ups.
(n) Unauthorized alterations or modifications to the Product or components.
(o) Work or handling of Products during shipping, craning, rigging, and moving of the Product.
(p) DaVinci Spas does not warrant parts designed to be replaced as part of routine maintenance, including but not limited to, filters, UV bulbs, jet inserts and lights are specifically excluded.
(q) Any and all water damage.
(r) Any and all sun damage due to direct light when Product was not filled with water or covered when empty.
(s) DaVinci Spas is not responsible for any cost related to gaining access for the purpose of service, maintenance, repair, or warranty repair and/or replacements. Failure to provide access will void your warranty.
(t) Failure to comply with Product maintenance instructions included with each Product.
(u) DaVinci Spas only recommends the use of water disinfection systems utilizing ozone, UV, hydroxyl, and hydrogen peroxide systems. All these chemicals must be maintained at the proper bathing levels, or the spa shell warranty will be void. An exception to this is explained below.
(v) Customers who choose to use other common chemical-based disinfection systems (such as chlorine, bromine and salt cells) accept that the use of these non-recommended chemicals could cause surface staining of the stainless steel or copper. Customers using chlorine and salt cells are additionally warned that using a spa cover that leaves an air space between the water surface and
the cover, thus s to this air space, should expect discoloration of the exposed metal due to the presence of highly corrosive chloramine molecules, which are a byproduct of the chlorine and salt cell disinfection systems. If using salt cell disinfection systems, salt level must be maintained between 2700 and 3400 ppm and sufficient sacrificial (galvanic) anodes must be installed in the system or shell warranty will be void.

DISCLAIMERS. Except as expressed herein, there shall be no other warranty or obligation, expressed or implied, oral or statutory. DaVinci Spas, its agents or employees, shall in no event be liable for injury to any person for any claim for damage, no matter how it arises.
DaVinci Spas harmless from and against all losses resulting from and against all losses resulting in liability for damages due to bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by a negligent

This warranty is a limited warranty and is given in lieu of and includes any and all express and implied warranties that may apply to the Products. DaVinci Spas makes no other representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, regarding any aspect of Products or otherwise covering the Product or any component or element thereof, including without limitation, the merchantability, suitability, originality, fitness for a particular use or purpose, or results to be derived from the use of the same, and DaVinci Spas specifically disclaims all such implied warranties.